We’ll work with you to support patients with a life-limiting, progressive condition in Liverpool and South Sefton.

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Find out what the IMPaCT service can provide for Health professionals working in Liverpool and South Sefton 

IMPaCT is a multi-professional service offering a single point of access and referral to palliative care.

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How we help

We facilitate collaboration between care providers, including the sharing of clinical information to ensure integrated and coordinated services.

This helps you deliver person-centred and bespoke end of life care, giving each patient the best possible end of life experience.


Where does IMPaCT operate?

IMPaCT operates from two hubs:

  • Marie Curie Hospice Liverpool – for patients registered with a central or South Liverpool GP
  • Woodlands Hospice – for patients registered with a North Liverpool or South Sefton GP.
What do the hubs do?

The hub doesn’t take over the care of the patient. It will:

  • support the regular care team in identifying their specialist palliative care needs
  • (if required) determine intervention needed by the right service.
Are repeat referrals necessary?

No. Patients remain under the IMPaCT caseload from the point of referral to the end of their life. They will be monitored and reviewed depending on their needs. Patients, carers and their healthcare team can contact the service at any time, without the need for a repeat referral.