If you live in Liverpool or South Sefton and have a life-limiting condition, we’re here to help.

Watch this short video to find out more.

Call 0300 100 1002

We can support you and your carer with:

  • expert advice about managing your condition – including difficult symptoms

  • making sure your quality of life is as good as it possibly can be

  • planning for your future healthcare needs.

What happens when you call?

When you call us between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, you’ll speak to one of our team of senior healthcare professionals who will:

— give you advice and support

— arrange for a healthcare professional to assess you, if needed

— contact other services which may be able to help you.

If you call outside these times, you’ll be put through to our 24-hour advice line. If you need support urgently, we’ll make sure you get it as soon as possible.


Do you only support patients with cancer?

No. IMPaCT supports patients with any life-limiting condition. Examples include dementia, motor neurone disease (MND), neurological diseases like Parkinson's, and advanced heart disease, among others.

Do you support children with life-limiting conditions?

The IMPaCT service is for patients aged 18 or over – unfortunately, we’re not able to support children. However, we have links with specialist paediatric palliative care services and can provide you with their contact details.

Can you support someone who is already in hospital?

We can contact the palliative care team of the hospital. They can liaise directly with the ward looking after the person and offer palliative care support.

Do you provide bereavement support?

Yes. IMPaCT can offer you bereavement support if the person lived in Liverpool or South Sefton and died within the last year.

Resources for you

What is palliative care?

Read about what palliative care is for, who provides it and where it's given.

Coping with a terminal diagnosis

A look at some of the emotions you might experience, ways to cope with these emotions, and where to get support.

Talking about your terminal illness

How to approach telling people about your diagnosis.


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